Music may be serious business to Elizabeth Rose but a sense of humor is definitely essential in her highly entertaining world. Take one look at her body of work: Her gift for combining songs, comedy and commercial appeal is clear. With the launch of her first book, Yo Miz! (1 Teacher + 25 Schools = 1 Wacky Year), she adds “author” to her hyphenated persona.

Born into a musical comedy family with professional connections that stretch from “Name That Tune” to David Letterman, Rose learned early on that singing and playing guitar wouldn’t just happen around the campfire. Blessed with a voice big enough to deliver the National Anthem at Shea Stadium, the six string and keyboard skills requisite to compose for TV (Discovery, PBS, Nickelodeon), film (Stanley Tucci), plus radio (Air America, WJFF/NPR affiliate), she’s equipped to provide musical messages to the world. For educational television, she also produced and hosted “Mosaic,” an arts show, in the Midwest.

Critical reception of Rose’s growing body of work has been gratifying, to say the least. “Leave Me Alone,” Rose’s witty music video featuring a sprightly cast of nonagenarians, has been honored at the NYC Family Caregiver Coalition and in Princeton. “Back Seat Driver,” her hilarious music video shot in the wilds of South Kerry, Ireland had its world premier at Tech Amergin, the Irish Arts Center, in Waterville, Ireland. Her high-energy anthem of independence, “I’m Too Beau’ful (For You)” is on Elmore Magazine’s list of “Top 20 Strong Women Songs” since 1921, along with Aretha, Joni and Cher. Her original CD “Sleep Naked” continues to garner airplay in the US and worldwide, leading to several “Featured Artist” distinctions. She was a guest lecturer at Yale University (teaching the Beatles’ use of the guitar in Scott Freiman’s Beatles composition and recording seminar) and selected for the Yale Writers Conference (writing for TV seminar).

While everything may be adding up nicely, Rose’s ambitions to perform, to inspire and motivate a wider audience remain on the rise. Her one woman musical comedy, Relative Pitch, a rollercoaster ride through the life of a performing songwriter, was produced Off Broadway by the Cherry Lane Theatre’s Mentor Project. She wrote the book, 19 original songs, performed all the characters and accompanied herself with the 5 guitars that kept her company on stage. “I started writing stories from my life, and out came Relative Pitch. This show is a culmination of an overextended adolescence stretching way too far into middle age. If I could stop this relentless need to express myself, I would—God knows, I could use the rest.”

And what about this teaching thang…?
Well…Rose swore she would never follow the advice of her parents, both teachers, and become a teacher, too. But in between creating music and comedy for stage, film and TV, she took a gig teaching songwriting in a NYC public high school. Her students, mostly from the projects, ignited her with their energy and raw creativity. Frustrated by the school’s outdated technology and lack of a music program, she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in tech grants enabling her kids to create DVD yearbooks and record original songs. When her job was cut, she was given the choice of substituting in a different school each week–or resigning. She almost resigned. Then she realized that this assignment would give her access to a unique story. So she stayed. And wrote Yo Miz! She hopes her parents are having an unearthly chuckle.

With the publication of Yo Miz! author, publisher, entrepreneur (APE☺) Rose has plans to dramatize the stories contained in this remarkable odyssey. En guarde!