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"If You Want Me - You Can Have Me - Right Now!"
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Here's what audiences in New York and Ireland have said:

"Pretty darn amazing...we really enjoyed the show--.. Yo, 'betty' are one multitalented mf"...Amy

"GREAT show last night. I really enjoyed it. the "healing" song had me in stitches. And the whole high school rap story was really a tour de force--that would make a great piece all by itself"...Molly

"I simply loved your show. Your are so gifted and the show is terrific. Brava, brava. Again, thank you for sharing your terrific talent with all of us who were lucky enough to be there"...Tina

"Bravo. bravo, bravo!!!!! It was great. I loved the way you have shaped the show. You seemed natural, relaxed and so amazing "off book". Congratulations on your Cherry Lane debut!"...Carole

"You nailed it"....Donald

"We enjoyed your show so much! You are so talented and versatile!!!
I canít believe the Opera Stuff, awesome. All those styles were so
much fun"... Love, Helen and Colleen

"Thanks for the wonderful show we saw Monday. It was so much fun
to hear you perform. The music and lyrics were only surpassed by
your performance"...Sara

"WOW! You were TERRIFIC!!! I was so proud to know you!!! Much love,
your fan"...Katharine.

"If You Want Me - You Can Have Me - Right Now" was developed in
Gretchen Cryer's Solo Performance Workshop, NYC.

Elizabeth is producing a cd of the songs from the show
and will post some clips of The Cherry Lane Theatre
performance on this website soon.

"Your show was just genius! The best part of the
creative process is how inspirational it can be for
others provide them with hope to venture on new things.
I really enjoyed it.".... Delia

"Carol King on steroids"....Suzie

"I want to see it 100 times"....Cornelia