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Elizabeth Rose - vocal/piano
Shinya Miyamoto - producer


It All Comes Back To Love

The door just slammed behind him
You’re going down for another cry
This time it really feels like
The last good bye
But it might be a beginning
Though it seems like it’s the end…

Been demanding that he give you
What you’ve already have got
So full of your agenda
Of what he’s not
Well it’s not the way
Of winning back
Your best friend…

Get to the root of what’s uncomfortable
And making your life a living hell
Expect a miracle

So he’s holding up a mirror
You’re withholding, on the shelf
To tend to your own garden
Gotta dig yourself
And he’ll stand by while you blossom
And you’ll warm him with your glow
And you’ll have a new together
All it takes is letting go
It all comes down to
It all comes down to
It all comes back to

©Elizabeth Rose Music