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Elizabeth Rose - vocal/acoustic guitar
Mark Stewart - cellos
Shinya Miyamoto - finger cymbols
Pete Tufel - rainstick
Arranged by Elizabeth Rose & Shinya Miyamoto
Produced by Shinya Miyamoto


Ferris Wheel

Riding on a Ferris Wheel
Going high and looking over
Climbing on a Ferris Wheel
To the sky
We’re gliding on a Ferris Wheel

Such a ride
Now it’s on a downslide
We’re on the other side
Can feel the change inside
And going over

Rising on a Ferris Wheel
Second time and there’s no hurry
Floating, soaring unconcealed
Sheer incline
We’re on the whirly Ferris Wheel

Love is like a Ferris Wheel
Takes you high
And leaves you hanging
Breathless, fragile, so revealed
Open wide
Not in command
Ferris Wheel

Take a ride
Don’t let it pass you by
You’re on the other side
And right before you fly
You’re going under

Underneath the Ferris Wheel
There’s a line
Of people standing
Waiting for a chance to feel
Very fine
Like lovers on a Ferris Wheel

© Elizabeth Rose Music