1. Deliver Me
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Elizabeth Rose - vocal/electric guitars/handclaps
Eric Dozier - Wurlitzer
Nate Jones - bass
Shinya Miyamoto - drums
Richie Cannata - tenor sax
Don Castellow - baritone sax/handclaps
Arranged by Elizabeth Rose & Shinya Miyamoto
Produced by Shinya Miyamoto


Deliver Me

Please deliver me
Please excuse the insecurities
But I’m searching for a recipe
Can you give me what I need?

Please deliver me
Please explain the incongruities
Won’t you show me
What I ought to see
Can you give me what I need?

Take me by the hand
Tell when I’m going astray
Shake me if I’m really not in command
Wake me if I’m screaming in the middle
In the middle of a one night stand
Oh please

Deliver me
Please reveal you want to rescue me
Won’t you seize the opportunity
Can you give me what I need?
©Elizabeth Rose Music