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Elizabeth Rose - lead vocal, electric guitar, handclaps
Nate Jones - bass
John Mercier - keyboard
Shinya Miyamoto - drums
Tony Kadleck - trumpets
Eric Merovich - alto sax
Richie Cannata - tenor sax
Don Castellow - baritone sax/tambourine, handclaps
Backup vocals: Lawrence Davis (lead solo), La Tasha Jordan, Stephanie Rice
Produced & arranged by Shinya Miyamoto


I’m Too Beau’ful (For You)
Your whining, your crying, your cheating your lying
You’ve made it your career
Your stealing, your spying, deceit and defying
I’ve had it up to here
Now you’re down on your knees and you’re begging me
"Take me back” and you sound so sincere –
Oh my heart should break but..
I’m too beau’ful
I’m too beau’ful
I’m too beau’ful for you
I’m too beau’ful
I’m too beau’ful
I’m too beau’ful for you
Well you fell off the track
I’m not taking you back
We can’t live in the same hemisphere
I’ve come back from the pain – I won’t go there again
There are no victims, there’s just volunteers
I’m too beau’ful for you

(Spoken) Oh I know your story...I’ve heard it all before...

You’re confused, been abused, you’ve been shaken, mistaken
Oh honey, now ain’t that a shame
You’ve been thinking, stopped drinking,
Even paid for head shrinking
Now you’re taking all the blame
You call it stupidity that you cut out on me
Aw honey you’re fanning my flame – I feel like partying ‘cause
I’m too beau’ful...(chorus)

Well you hit and you ran, what a cowardly man
And I could not remember my name
Well you left me undone, it was not any fun
Now I’m back on my feet can’t complain
Are you getting it yet? I forgive not forget
Humpty Dumpty was never the same,
I’m too beau’ ful for you.
© Elizabeth Rose Music