1. Oil
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Elizabeth Rose - vocal/electric guitar
Ritchie Cannata - tenor sax
Eric Dozier - piano
Nate Jones - bass
Arranged by Shinya Miyamoto & Elizabeth Rose
Produced by Shinya Miyamoto


Inbred, greed head, overfed, under read,
Hide behind your figurehead
Go back home - stay in bed -
OIL - What you're doing
It's sticky, it's greasy, it makes me feel queasy,
Please release me and give us back the peace from OIL

You're sliding, you're slipping, you're flopping, you're flipping
We're taking all your lip and it's time to stop the dripping -
OIL -What you're doing -
Distilling, spilling,You don't care what you're killing,
You're filthy, you’re silty, confess it fossil you are guilty - OIL

One hundred million two, who needs a caribou?
Three hundred million four
Go launder it offshore, four hundred million five,
Let's keep this war alive, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
Not enough? Just say when - OIL

Car makers, crude acres, hand shakers, promise breakers,
Staking, raking, faking, taking,
Mark my words there's no mistaking -
OIL - what you're doing
It's foul, grubby, murky muck,
Messes up a momma duck,
Look in my eyes - don't pass the buck
You are to blame you sleazy.... OIL

One hundred billion - why?
What more you gotta buy?
You add another zero and it don't make you a hero
I question who you serve
You got alot of nerve
Man - if you don't conserve
We'll get what you deserve...No OIL

Solar, wind, chicken dung
Something here for everyone
Fuel cells, hydroelectric
Biomass - let's get eclectic
OIL -Whatcha doin'?
When you pollute you make more loot
But what's not cute you big galoot
Is that your children - we're not joking
Are the ones who'll end up choking OIL
You think you're slick
You're making me sick - OIL!!!

© Elizabeth Rose Music