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Elizabeth Rose vocal & guitar



Don’t let yourself into my flat anymore
And don’t expect that I shall feed your cat anymore
Gone are the scintillating chats I adore
All you ever do is drone away

Spare me your dilemma
It’s giving me a tremor
Registering a ten on my in-flict-or scale
Your story…snory, endless inventory
Your daddy never listened and
Your mom made you her surrogate

Ask your higher power to pay me by the hour
When your inner child is sobbing near my plate
Get a pacifier, that kid has raised my ire
She’s not that teeny anymore and you’re too late

You’re digging and mining, one day at a time-ing
Yoga, bioenergetics, paganism, mirth
Lord, goddess, Buddha, Jesus
Neptune, Greenspan, Dionysus
Save me from your introspecting, look at me I’m genuflecting

Stay the self-absorbed route, I will pull my hair out
I can use an incarnational break
Your relentless incantations, mantras, revelations,
Om mani padmi…ho hum…rama lama lama ding dong
What is your compunction to dwell on your dysfunction?
Your walls are lined with self-help books
But you ain’t got no self
Oh spare me your enlightenment
And on your way out…
Throw me a beer.

©Elizabeth Rose Music