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Elizabeth Rose - lead & harmony vocals
Linda Lo Presti - harmony vocals
Bob Rose - mandolin, guitar, bass
Patrick Sasso - mixing & mastering


Burning The Candle At Both Ends
©Elizabeth Rose Music

She won Miss Swimsuit 1990 now
She plays with hearts like tinker toys
But the bottle wants to dry her looks up
And turn her skin to corduroy
Rumor has it that she married a cutie
A hard-working hometown boy
But she ran around
And she lost her way
Now she’s found herself some liquid joy

She’ll be there tonight stuck to the bar
After they’ve packed up the last guitar
She’s the life of the party – she’s your lifelong friend
She’s burning the candle at both ends
Burning the candle at both ends

She has an every-ready smile and she’ll use it
To get you to stay all night
When the bartender starts to clean up
She starts to get a bit uptight
Try to pick her up she won’t refuse it
But you’ll wind up in the lost and found
While she takes her place at the Dew Drop Inn
For another night of empty rounds

She’ll be there tonight….

There’s a faded memory
That flickers through her night
Love can take her home again
But until she sees the light

She’ll be there tonight…