From the recording The Set Aside Song

Steve Gadd-drums; Tony Levin-bass, Bob Rose-guitar1; Rusty Cloud-keys/co producer/arranger; Don Castellow-bass & baritone sax; Michael Blake-tenor & soprano sax; Chris Anderson-trumpet & flugelhorn, Brewster Smith-vocal producer; Jim Clouse-engineer, mix & mastering; Elizabeth Rose-songwriter, vocals, co arranger/producer


The Set Aside Song © Elizabeth Rose Music

I’m gonna set aside
Everything I think I know about happiness
I’m gonna set aside
This bag of tricks I’ve kept in my show
I’m gonna set aside this keep ‘em laughin’ daffiness
I’m gonna set aside everything I think I know

I’m gonna put away every rule & regulation
I’m gonna put away everything I learned in school
I’m gonna put away my sweet love of confrontation
But - I’m still on the fence about that golden rule

Bridge 1:
Cause I got a big mouth
And I’m a certified know it all
Gonna zip my lip – get hip
I hereby relinquish control

Gonna resign my stinkin’ thinkin’
Forsake the gloom and doom
Gonna sashay up to higher ground
Done my time in the recovery room

Solo/horn section

Bridge 2:
When it comes to happiness
I don’t know what I don’t know
They say “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho”
Hey Josh, help me break down these walls – (play your trumpet)
(Trumpet plays “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho’ melody) -Hallelujah

(8 bar Solo)

(Goin’ to church now)
I’ll follow / happiness
And go / where it takes me
To love…

I got a big mouth