Elizabeth's song "Blues In The Night" = on the soundtrack of "Sex & The Other Man" w/ a young Stanley Tucci.

Here's the next song on my newly released EP "Elizabeth Rose: B.L.U.E.S". It's title = "Blues In The Night " - and no, it's not the brilliant Harold Arlen/Johnny Mercer song for the 1941 film, "Blues In The Night." I wrote this piece for a Manhattan cable show entitled...you got it..."Blues In The Night." In a lucky break, this song was added to the soundtrack of an indie film called "Sex & The Other Man," featuring an unknown, but quirky actor named Stanley Tucci. (I had one more song on this film's songtrack called "Maybe I'm A Fool." More on that in a few weeks.
The fully produced version can be heard by clicking on “NEW RELEASE” in the menu (abovw)
My brother, Bob Rose, produced, arranged and played on the track. I sang and may have played rhythm guitar. So if you go to the Spotify link you can hear it without my singing and playing over Bob's pretty licks. And that's Kim Bock on tenor sax.
Special thanks to Jon Geist for showing my tunes to the film's director & producer.

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