Elizabeth had a BLAST on CATSKILL CHARACTERS WJFF FM yesterday!

OMG - Donna Fellenberg, the host of the popular show, “CATSKILL CHARACTERS,” along with executive director of WJFF FM Radio Catskill Tim Bruno, allowed me to get in front of a microphone - a risky venture for the station.  I grabbed some folks lurking in the WJFF hallway, Aldo Troiani, Don Castellow and with Donna and Tim joining in on background vocals, lurched into my song, “Backseat Driver.”  (see video shot in Ireland below).  We then raised our goal money for the annual fund drive.  Go public radio.  (And I must say I am proud that I restrained myself for saying “pubic radio.”  You're welcome.  Thank you for listening, donating and not keying my Subaru!

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