I get to host our 2nd Winnie-the-Pooh SCL SongArts playback session Thursday! SCL - The Society of Composers & Lyricists:)

Patty & Michael Silversher served as our experts in yesterday’s SCL SongArts song playback session yesterday. Our songwriting teams were tasked with writing a song for Winnie-The-Pooh. Patty & Michael have written hundreds of songs for Disney, Jim Henson and many more tv & film stories. Each of our SCL songwriting teams played their “Winnie” song and got helpful feedback from the gracious Patty & Michael. They shared some wonderful stories of their long lives as a highly successful songwriter team. Entertaining & inspiring! I got to host the session.
This Thursday, April 27 we will produce session #2 with Steven Vincent, VP Music & Soundtrack at Disney our expert, giving feedback to 11 more songwriting teams. I’m excited. And… the superb David Das & I have co-written a Piglet song for next week’s session.
The SCL is a GIFT!  

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